Short Post: Keep Barbados Clean

I’m a part of the Caribbean Youth Environment Network (Barbados) and every year we put on a National coastal clean up called the Barbados International Coastal Clean-Up (BICC). This Sunday we did the northern beaches. Myself and my CYEN colleague Alex (shown in picture), along with members of the St. Peter Parish Committee, tackled Six Men’s Beach. The pictures I have, show no real indication of the amount of garbage littered across the beach however, it would be remiss of me not to say something about it.
We, as a nation, need to do A LOT better with our garbage disposal and our regard for the environment. The majority of the garbage collected was plastics: bottles, caps, bags, straps, forks. I engaged a member of the community, asking him if we asked for community help what the response would be like. His answer to me was,” they would only help to dirty it up more.” Horrible. We MUST do better. Imagine how much of this loose garbage was deposited into the sea after the passage of Tropical Storm Matthew. Barbadians take pride in your surroundings, please. It will not kill you to find a garbage can to dispose of your waste. 

–  the Awkward Chemist

#KeepBarbadosClean #FindAGarbageCan #BICC2016Chronicles#WhatAboutOurBeaches #WhatAboutOurMarineLife14516330_348905712112898_7451737847075857727_n


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