How my Masters journey changed my life…

Hey y’all.

You’re probably saying that my upkeep of this blog must be the most inconsistent thing you’ve ever seen but believe that I have been super busy. I haven’t forgotten about you though. It’s been a while since I’ve last posted and let’s just say I became a Master of Science between then and now. Yes, I successfully finished and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. This journey has taught be about myself so much and I want to tell you how.

1. Learning about different cultures


I have said this many times during my time at IHE and I will say it here: “Every young adult should experience life outside of their comfort zone and see how the rest of the world do things.” I constantly told that to my family and I stand by it. Even the differences between myself and my Caribbean colleagues shined through and it opened my eyes. One essential trait I developed was how to work with people from different backgrounds in the same environment.

2. Losing my mother at the beginning of this journey


My cousin Rhesa sent me an article entitled, “The strongest girls have a loved one in heaven” and I kept putting off reading it. When I finally read it, it resonated with me because I felt like the author was speaking about me. I never saw myself as a strong person because I used to cry easily and I believed that crying was a sign of weakness so I always held back my tears. However, crying actually relieves you but I’ve become so against it that my tears kinda automatically go back inside (weird, I know). I said that to say that I never really knew my strength until I was faced with my mother’s death. I was able to complete something that I started while she was here with me and as carefree as I walk around, I’m finally seeing how monumental this achievement is. We are all stronger than we give ourselves credit.

3. Independence

I left home at 23 years old to complete this degree and for those 23 years I’d never left from under my parents’ roof. This wasn’t so strange because most, if not all, of my friends were in a similar situation. But as soon as my mother and brother left to go back home, I was ‘on my own’. I had experience with most of the stuff I had to do like washing, cooking, cleaning etc. But the biggest lesson I learnt was FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT. Every student who pays rent knows what I am talking about. Money usually burns my hand so I spend it quickly but when I tell you I had to sacrifice, you better believe I had to leave some stuff out.

4. God is REALER than REAL


The final point in this post is about my Heavenly Father. He is the reason I was even able to complete this degree as strongly as I did. He is the reason I had such an amazing support system during my time at IHE. I left home partially a believer and I finished my degree as a baptised believer in Jesus Christ. I thank God for His mercy and favour over my life and His unending grace which He continuously bestows. I learnt that prayer works but I gotta work along with my prayers. I learnt that God can send a message through ANYBODY to you. I saw, firsthand, the power of God. I am a living testimony.


My concluding two cents…

To sum up what I wrote above:

  1. Get out of your comfort zone, it’ll be uncomfortable at first but it will teach you lessons you would never learn in your own bubble.
  2. In the midst of life there is death. Grieve, cry your eyes out, heal. You are much stronger than you know.
  3. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT LISTEN TO THE VOICE THAT TELLS YOU TO TREAT YOURSELF. Especially, when you’re half-way through the month and seeing double digits in your bank account.
  4. Finally, God can help you through anything if you just believe in Him.

I got to know me a little better and I am so happy with the woman I’m becoming.

– the Awkward Chemist MSc. (lol)



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